They’re flying: March 31


The bees are flying (and alive!). It’s a beautiful sunny day about 54 degrees.


Here they are zooming around. LOTS of the bees had pollen on their back legs which really surprised us. The bee lady at Hudson Valley Bees suggested it might be from: willow, red maple or crocus. I opened the entrance because they were so busy and there were so many girls coming and going.


Sunny day, nothing much in bloom yet except daffodils and crocus. Tree guards still up. I’ll probably leave them up until the last frost is passed. Deer can destroy a tree in a matter of minutes so better not to risk it.

Sugar Maple & Autumn Cherry that I planted in fall are looking fine so far. Apples & Apricot look fine too but I have not much hope for the Apples with those cedar trees nearby. I think the Apricot could make it with a little help though.


Daffodills are poking out in some serious natural ombre. I’m sure we’ll have another frost but these guys should be fine.


Donkey tail spurge. This one stays green all winter no matter how cold it gets.


Last year the magnolia blossoms got black & died because of a very hot spell in March (I recorded 84 degrees on march 24, 2012) and then frost in April. They look good now but I am prepared for them all to die! As long as the tree lives, I can lose the blossoms.


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