The Mighty Esopus!

IMG_9709It’s been a very rainy week in early June. We had 4 inches of rain in 3 days. This is the Esopus, the waterfall above is usually not more than a trickle of water. We were so amazed at the force of the water that we pulled over to photograph it. There’s a short video of it here.

IMG_9698The Lower Esopus from Hurley Mountain Bridge looking south seemed about 5 feet above normal. This is usually a very rocky creek bed.


Fathers being fathers on Father’s Day in Minnewaska.


View from the top of the falls.


Awosting Falls, Minnewaska State Park. This was thunderingly loud.

IMG_9762Fun with sticks. Lake Minnewaska from above.



Wild mountain laurel.

IMG_9809Back at home, a stormy sky creates the perfect color combination.


Echinacea ABOUT to bloom.

IMG_9815Across the field.



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