Treetops and the High Peaks.


We brought our eldest to camp this weekend, and while it was sad for us, she was happy to leave! We stayed one night in the Adirondack mountains, which are incredibly beautiful. I just learned that Adirondack Park is the largest park (as well as the largest protected area) in the contiguous United States, and the largest National Historic Landmark. Above is early morning sun over the mountains in Lake Placid.


More mountains.


IMG_0065Mirror Lake living up to it’s name. We would definitely like to explore this area more in the future.


This is where the kids sleep. Our daughter will share a tent like these with 3 other girls. It was a wet day but still lovely. At night it gets down into the 50s.

IMG_0016The lake, for swimming sailing & canoeing. Note the large bonfire-to-be in the foreground.

IMG_0019Part of the amazing organic garden. They raise a lot of the food they eat over the summer. Please read more about Treetops and North Country School here, it is a wonderful place.IMG_0018

Treetops “gives back what city and suburb have taken away— farm animals to care for, sand and earth to dig in, trees to climb, grass to roll in, woods and fields to explore, flowers to pick or a garden to tend, wide stretches in which to play safely, a place to swim in the sun, to sleep out under stars.”

Helen Haskell, Treetops Director, 1929-1969

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