Dog days.

It’s so long since I last wrote! And much has transpired. We have moved. We got a dog. And a kitten. And are welcoming visiting family from the UK. So there is lots going on here in Lomontville. It’s hard to synopsize all of this onto a cohesive post but I’ll try.


We packed up our Brooklyn house and put it all in a truck. Of course it was a broiling hot day, but we managed to get everything loaded and moved upstate without incident. So far, moving upstate hasn’t really felt like moving, per se. It just feels like a normal August spending as much time upstate as possible. I just realized that, until now, our upstate house has been sort of half-furnished. Now it finally feels like a home instead of a weekend house because we have all our books, artwork and photos here. We’re still working on unpacking but that can wait.

rainbowThis lovely sight was spotted over our driveway 2 days after we arrived. A lucky omen perhaps?

IMG_0587Introducing Layla Bugs. The first new addition to our menagerie. We adopted her from Pets Alive in Middletown, NY.

IMG_0739Layla is extremely gentle and not too interested in the cats except as playmates. Here we are in the shade with both Luna (cat) and Layla.

IMG_0638Apparently adding one family member was not enough, because no sooner had we gotten Layla steeled in but we raced BACK to Pets Alive and adopted a kitten! Here is Stella test-driving  some kitties at the shelter.


And the winner is… Socks! She is a small grey and white kitten, very playful and cute. And very afraid of the dog. There are a lot of dog gates and cat doors and general pet-wrangling going on over here. The original pet (Luna the cat) and the dog will get along fine, the kitten is the monkey wrench really because she is scared of the other animals. She is ridiculously cute though and sleeps on your lap when you sit at the computer, and bites your toes with her tiny teeth.

IMG_0755We took Layla to Minnewaska where she practically pulled Jem’s arm off pulling on the leash with excitement. She seems a very sniffy dog, so she had to smell EVERY SINGLE thing we came across. She also must have some herding/working dog in her because she seems very concerned that the group stays together. I think we are  sheep to her, and she’s just trying to do her job.

IMG_0348The garden is in full August swing. I have done NO gardening/ weeding/ planting since mid-July. I basically just look at the garden and think of all the things I need to do. But then I don’t do them, I just contemplate them. The flower garden is full of every kind of pollinator you can imagine.

IMG_0784We collected another small batch of honey too. Stella & Felix decorated the lids.


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