Saugerties Lighthouse.

IMG_0946For anyone visiting (or living in) the Catskills, a visit to the Saugerties Lighthouse is essential. It’s a Victorian-era brick lighthouse set on a sandy peninsula in the middle of the Hudson River.

IMG_0911 copyIt’s a good idea to read up on tidal info here because the path can get soggy at high tide.

IMG_0933It is a short walk to a great place to have a picnic, or to watch the boats go by.

IMG_0989This was taken at high tide looking west back towards the mountains.

IMG_0936A sandy part of the path.

IMG_0941Believe it or not, this beautiful building is a B & B, and if you book way ahead you can wake up in the middle of the Hudson River. The history of the place is on their excellent website.

IMG_0943We visited on a day with a very rainy forecast so no one was there but this area is usually filled with picnic-ers and swimmers.

IMG_0945This is high tide, but at low tide this is a nice place to swim.


View of the Hudson looking east.

IMG_0983Native beauty Joe Pye Weed in the foreground.



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