Country livin’

Much time has passed since my last post. It’s October now and we are settling in to our new life in “the country”. Yes, it is very photogenic here.


Above you see the upside of having a dog, I would NEVER have been outside at 6am to capture this scene if it weren’t for the dog.


The flip side of that is not so lovely. These were my good, ie: “real”, reading glasses. Layla just destroyed them with her gigantic mouth and left them in the meadow.



IMG_1096Much of the past month has been taken up with new school activities and new friends and also MUCH pet wrangling. The pets are pretty cute though.


Pretty pictures give the impression that it’s all just pure gorgeousness up here. It is pretty, yes, but daily life is very similar to Brooklyn except with more driving and more time spent outdoors. I still work at home on my computer, still do the 3pm school pickup and still I still listen to wnyc on the radio all day, so for the time being I still feel connected to our old life in the City. One difference is I don’t recall having QUITE so many chipmunks in the house in Brooklyn! Both the dog and the cat seem to like to bring small mammals into the house which totally freaks me out.

IMG_1650I have also become a soccer mom, see below. F has been playing really well and he’s really loving it. He is a super Red Bulls fan, as well as a loyal Leeds United supporter.


We have been taking the dog for walks on the local ‘rail trail’ which is a lovely way to start the day. It sure beats my former commute to Long Island City via the G train. Here is the rail trail in the morning light.   IMG_1949IMG_2014IMG_1950


2 thoughts on “Country livin’

  1. Hi Ebe,

    I have just been this, while sitting at my desk just above Carnaby Street in central London. It’s a nice place to be, but your country scenes look far nicer! My colleague Richard is a dog nut – and his sister is a keen beekeeper, so he likes your pics too!

    Glad to see that the cats and dogs are getting on well, and that they are bringing you lots of Chipmunks – Joe would go WILD!

    I recently went to this and thought of you – there were some Pentagram people you may know?

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